ACTIVBIKE reserves the right to exclude any participant whose behaviour would not comply with circuit security rules, including flags presented by runway stewards, or lighting.

General informations

  • FFM or FIM certified tracks
  • Competent medical personnel, an ambulance and an emergency physician are present all day.
  • Double medical service on certain circuits to ensure uninterrupted driving.
  • FFM track stewards.
  • Organization present on the whole circuit
  • Transponders for group regulation
  • Mandatory security briefing for each participant

A pilot may be asked to change category for security reasons.

Mandatory pilot equipment

  • Leather racing suit (2 pieces autorized but zipped together)
  • Registred full-face helmet
  • Leather gloves
  • Moto Boots
  • Mandatory Back protection

On each Ride date, Activbike proposes rental of your compulsory driver equipment.

More info here.

Motorcycle Equipment

  • Approved pot or chicane, about 95 dB (Bresse, Alès)
  • Headlights, rear-view mirrors, flashers taped or removed
  • Tires, pads, chain kits in good condition
  • No oil or water leakage

Or each ride date, Activbike proposes motorcycle rental.

More info here.

Lap times

In order to maintain a clear runway and ensure the safety of ALL pilots, we organize groups of pilots, classified by flight level. These groups are pre-arranged when you register with the supplied lap times.
They are then remodeled by our team at the beginning of the day.
If you have never ridden on the circuit of the day, our team will base your performance on another circuit (or any other motorcycle experience if you have not yet ridden on the circuit) in order to situate yourself in relation to other drivers.

Be sure to fill in your flight level information when you register on our site, and to keep it up to date, in order to best place you in these level groups.

Lap times by driving level and circuit


Open track

Danger, do not pass
Danger: I slow down, I do not pass, I go back to the paddock
Grip change, rain or oil on the track
Technical problem: I must stop at the edge of the track or return to the paddock if possible
End of session, I finish my turn and go back to the paddock