Too far ? Not enough time? Too many travel costs ?

Entrust us with the transport of your bike for the riding days abroad

You arrive directly on the circuit, your bike is waiting for you in a box, like a racing team driver!!

Your motorcycle

Your machine is loaded on a stand specially designed to secure your bike.
Strapped by ACTIVBIKE, we take care to check that your bike is perfectly protected during this transport.

This transport is carried out with specialized insurance that gives a guarantee to each of your motorcycles.

Your equipment

For your equipment, we ask you to store it in a metal trunk 297 litres (110cm x 60cm x 45cm).
In addition, you can entrust us with :

  • 1 set of tires
  • 1 sports bag
  • 1 set of stands
  • 1 jerrican (empty)

collection points

  • Lille : 550 euros
  • Paris : 500 euros
  • Nancy : 500 euros
  • Reims : 500 euros
  • Belfort / Mulhouse : 450 euros
  • Circuit de Bresse : 400 euros
  • Montpellier : 400 euros

For all other places of loading, we can study your request and make you a personalized proposal. Contact us

Warning, limited slots !

Please select your pick-up location when you register for your track day.

Our track days with motorcycle transport

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Thursday, December 15, 2022

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20 February

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24 February

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