Driving license

To participate in a day the driving license is not mandatory, but you must hold one of the 4 documents below:

  • Motorycle driving license
  • FFM License

Mandatory insurances

Pilot civil liability is included in your registration, no extra-cost is required

Optional insurances

How to ride pacefully ?

You can subscribe an annual FFM license (213 €) which covers you in:

  • Individual accident/repatriation
  • Annual liability of your motorcycle in storage, transport, loading/unloading
  • Circuit Liability (Warning, as in 2023 this guarantee will only work between licensed drivers)

This license is available from our motorcycle club.

Discover the Activbike motorcycle club and get an FFM license.

Motorbike fall and cancellation insurance

I protect my track day on circuit


Why subscribe ?

This guarantee covers your reservation from the date of your order to the time of your drive, and even during your drive.

  1. You have proof :
    • medical certificate, decease, motorbike stolen or broken, transport problems (plane/boat tickets).: Rolling 100% refunded
    • professional problem, employer's certificate : Rolling 50% refunded
  2. If you don't have any proof (bad weather): 50% refunded.
  3. You break down while driving and can no longer take the track :
    • 50% refund on the day of the problem and the other days if you have taken a 2,3,4,5,6 day pack.

Refunds will be made by ASSURACING within 7 days maximum following the date of the ride.

Information notice (french)

We remind you that the practice of motorbike on circuit is a sport "atyour own risk"

So we strongly insist on the fact that it is highly recommended to take out an Individual Accident Insurance that will cover you in the event of personal injury (disability/death), which can have serious consequences for you.

You can benefit from individual accident insurance by subscribing to :

You can also take out Individual Accident Insurance directly from your cart on our website, by ticking the relevant box for each date in the basket.


We remind you that French law requires that all motor vehicles be insured year-round by its owner, including vehicles of competition or assimilated, prototypes or not approved. Insurance Code Article L211-1

Civil liability on circuit for your motorcycle is mandatory