Methods of registration

  • online on our website, by creating a customer account

Only customers who have subscribed online will receive a confirmation by email.

Registrations on site, without reservation on the Activbike website will be increased by 43%

Payment means

  • By credit card while online registration
  • By bankwire

More details on our payment means

Customer engagment

  • Participant declares to be in good health
  • He certifies that he has no contraindications to practice driving the motorcycle on circuit.
  • The participant must hold a driver’s licence A or CASM
  • A registration is valid for one person, not for a motorcycle.
  • It is forbidden to resell a place without Activbike's agreement
  • Any change of participant on a registration without the prior agreement of Activbike at least 10 days before the riding date is prohibited. The new participant will be refused access to the track.
  • It is forbidden to come to track day with a rental motorcycle (except Activbike fleet)
  • All renters are prohibited on our track days
  • It is forbidden to be coached by an instructor who is not part of the Activbike staff
  • Any participant or private instructor who has not made a prior request by email to Activbike will be refused access to the track without refund
  • Electrical motorized motorbikes not allowed
  • The participant undertakes in full knowledge of the possible risks incurred during the practice of the motorcycle on circuit.
  • In the event of a physical or material accident, ACTIVBIKE is released in advance of any civil or criminal liability.
  • The Participant assumes its own responsibility in the event of an accident, regardless of its nature or origin, for all personal injury and equipment that it may suffer on the runway
  • We remind you that French law requires that all motor vehicles be insured year-round by their owners, including competition vehicles or similar vehicles, prototypes or not approved.
  • The participant claims to have inquired about the various insurance offered to him:
    • An annual FFM license
    • Individual accident insurance with our insurer
    • A FFM Circuit Pass
    • A FFM license an event (valid 2 consecutive days)
    • Individual accident insurance with FMA

Cancellation / postponement

Details of cancellation conditions

ACTIVBIKE cannot be held responsible for the modification, postponement, or cancellation of the riding day in case of force majeure.

Considered force majeure: inclement weather (heavy fall of snow or rain or rain, ice, fog, strong winds, heat wave alert, alert plan put in place by the competent authorities), prohibitions/restrictions or imposed conditions by the competent administrative and sporting authorities.

Lap Times

Persons who do not mention any lap times in their customer account will be automatically classified in the beginner group.

We reserve the right to downgrade a pilot on his registration if we feel that his times are insufficient for the group he has chosen.

Mandatory use of transponders on Magny Cours GP et le Mans, Dijon, Lédenon, Vigeant, Misano, Aragon, Andalucia, Cartagena, Ales, Barcelona, Alcarras circuits(provided by us)

Lap times by level group and circuit